Day 13: Farewell, Greece!

Sunday May 25, 2008

On our last morning in Greece we were sad to leave, but at the same time excited to go home. 

On the plane we could reflect on our trip – just two weeks before I only knew Greece and Turkey from pictures, stories, movies.  Now I know it from my own experiences - some bad, some wonderful, all worth it.

sunrise over the greek islands

And as we headed home, we had a perfect last image of the Greek islands.  Farewell, Greece!  Hope to be back soon!


Day 12: More of Beautiful Rhodos

Saturday May 24, 2008

Sadly this was our last full day of our vacation – and we were determined to jam-pack it full of fun! We started off with another walk – this time Dad and I headed out to the lighthouse. 

dad’s artistic shot of the lighthouse :)

dad just outside old town

windmill tower

a perfectly framed kitty

On our way back we walked past the Street of the Knights without realizing it, probably because it wasn’t crowded with tourists. 

street of the knights

It wasn’t until later in the day when we intentionally went to walk along this street that Dad and I said, hey, we’ve been here before!

After our walk we had another delicious Nina breakfast (spinach pies, cheese pies, chocolate croissants, tea, and juice) while chatting with the Australian couple, Leslie and Rob, again.  It was their last morning in Rhodes and they were off to Santorini next.

us with nina at breakfast

After breakfast Nina helped us plan our walking tour for the day – she showed us how to get to the Street of the Knights and the Palace of the Knights.  Also, she said we couldn’t miss out on visiting the Aquarium.

We found the Museum of the Knights first (or so we think – we still aren’t sure where we were), and we walked around there looking at old tombstones from past knights.  It was “interesting,” as Rob would say.

mom and me at the museum of the knights

We continued on to the Street of the Knights.  This is when we realized we had walked right past it earlier but didn’t walk down it. When we got to the Palace of the Knights none of us was too excited about it to go inside to tour it.  So we just took a couple pictures from the outside and continued on our way.  We walked through a side gate just before the Old Town exit, which led us into the bottom of the moat. 

mom and dad in the moat

look how big the castle is!

steph in the moat

It was beautiful to walk through it, and so different from anywhere I’ve ever been.  I just love that long ago this place really was the castle for the Knights of St. John.

When finished walking through the moat, we walked along the Mandraki harbor towards the aquarium.  The water looked amazing.  There were so many incredible shades of blue.

so pretty!

After admiring the sea, we finally made it to the aquarium.  It was “interesting” (again, as Rob would say).  Like Nina, my favorite part was the sea turtle swimming around so peacefully.

After the aquarium we walked into the New Town, but only for a little bit because we noticed right away that all of the stores there were the same as what we have in the US.  So we quickly decided to return to the Old Town where more culture and history could be found.

By now we were a little hungry, and we were sold by the guy outside Mama Maria who told us we would have a great view of the Rhodes Acropolis from their terrace. 

view from mama maria’s

another view from mama maria’s

I never did see the Acropolis, but we had a nice view of the sea and the Palace of the Knights.  We ordered salad, bread, and soutzoukakia – it was the perfect pre-siesta snack.

When we woke up from our naps, we were ready for the last dinner of this memorable vacation.  We wanted it to be special, so we went to the fish tavern in the park that Nina recommended.  We started off with a seafood salad.  And we ordered the fangri just like Nina recommended.  At 55 euros per kilo, it’s no wonder mom kept saying it was the best fish she’s ever had in her life!  Even though the fish was delicious plain, we had a lemon and olive oil sauce to drizzle over it that made it just OUTSTANDING!  We also tried the aubergine w/ feta and onions and parsley (just a really big stuffed eggplant).  Yum!

steph at the fish tavern

mom and dad at the fish tavern

The perfect meal to top off our perfect vacation!


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