Day 5: We have arrived – Santorini

We have officially arrived! Santorini was the reason why I planned this Greece adventure…and now we are finally here. After rushing through the Athens airport, barely making our connection to Santorini, we were so happy to make it to our “hotel.”

delfini hotel

We just love our cave house!

running around the cave house

our livingroom

mom and dad in their cave bedroom

steph’s bedroom

cave bathroom

(Josh, I think you’d be too tall for some parts of this bathroom!)

sitting outside the cave house

After running around the cave house taking pictures, Dad and I walked around Oia and bought some groceries for lunch from the local market. We got a mushroom-ham-cheese pie thingy, too. It was nice to get a meal for the three of us for under 20 euros for once! The secret is – you have to make the meal yourself.

mom and dad making lunch

dad and steph having lunch

After lunch we just relaxed, napped, unpacked…when it was an hour or so before sunset, Dad and I went to find the best spot to watch it.

oia before sunset

As we were walking toward the lookout point, I ran into the second cutest dog in the world. Look! It’s Santorudi! I miss my Rudy so so so much! This Rudy down the street from me will have to do for now.

santorini version of rudy

The sunset was beautiful, but it was a bit hazy, so we couldn’t actually see the sun sink into the Aegean.

santorini sunset

I took a million more pictures today, but I’ll spare you all. Plus, it takes a full two minutes for me to upload just one pic!

taking pictures of beautiful oia

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