Day 11: Relaxing in Rhodos

Friday May 23, 2008

Dad and I woke up early for our morning walk…it was so empty, we felt like we had Old Town Rhodes all to ourselves!

steph at old town’s big fountain

old town shops before they opened

We ventured outside the castle walls and walked around the moat.

one of the old town entrances

view of the moat through a crack in the castle wall

dad on our morning walk

When we got back to the Camelot, we were ready for Nina’s breakfast.  We met a couple from Australia who were having breakfast at the same time, and we talked to them about our travels over waffles and sandwiches and tea.  It was so delicious!

mom and dad at nina’s breakfast

Next on the agenda was shopping!  Old Town had so many shops we were able to wander around for 3 hours and still did not get to see every store! 

mom and dad while out shopping

me out shopping

mom and dad just outside the castle walls

After shopping we of course napped for a couple hours.  By the time we woke up, it was already time for dinner.  The Australian couple told us that they had tried Romios, and then tried another restaurant for their next dinner, but were so disappointed because Romios had been so much better – so instead of attempting to try a new restaurant for dinner, we decided to go back to what we knew was great food.  And this time mom was well rested enough to join us.

mom and steph at romios

We ordered the sea salad (again), stuffed mushrooms, chef’s special spaghetti, chef’s veal, porterhouse cooked in an earthen pot, and got free dessert (again!). 

mom and dad at romios

After this meal we were rejuvenated and ready for more shopping!  All of the shops re-open after dinner and stay open quite late – which is good and bad. 

night shopping

night shopping

We shopped all the way back to our hotel.

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