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Day 7: It’s a Dog’s Life in Santorini

May 19, 2008

Today we enjoyed the simple, relaxed life. Dad and I started off the day with a walk around Oia. It was nice because there were only a handful of tourists out and the locals were just beginning to open up their shops, sweeping the patios and putting some merchandise out front. Dad and I passed several loose, well behaved dogs, and we even had one follow us on our walk for a little while. We took a few pictures along the way, still mesmerized by Oia’s beauty.

church domes

more of the church domes


dad in oia

church bells in oia

Even toilets look beautiful in Santorini!

toilet planter

On our way back home from our walk, we stopped by a bakery to pick up some breakfast. We got a Greek pie (just filled with feta I think), apple croissant, and cheese croissant. We also stopped by the local market right next door to our cave house to get some fruit and yogurt. Delicious!


We lounged around for the rest of the morning and afternoon – reading, blogging, napping, looking at the view from our patio, watching tv, doing some laundry. Dad and I (Mom wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed behind) went out for an early dinner at 6pm- at least it is early for being in Europe. We went to Skala and had such a beautiful view. It doesn’t get old. (Well, maybe for anyone reading this, you’re sick of the pics, but trust me, when you’re here you can’t get enough of it.)

steph at dinner

dad at dinner

During our meal, a line of 30 or so donkeys came up the stairway right next to Skala restaurant. Those stairs go all the way down to the water, and tourists have the option of riding up the stairs on a donkey. I just leaned over in my seat at the dinner table to get this pic of the donkeys.


Everywhere you look there are dogs here – I don’t think they are strays, because several of them have collars, and many can be found in the same spot every day, so I figure their owners live or work close by. I wonder if they realize they are in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


wish i were a santorini dog



Day 6: More of Beautiful Santorini

May 18, 2008

Today we had breakfast in the cavehouse – mom and I started eating while dad was out on his morning walk.

breakfast in our cave house

Just at the top of the stairs which leads to our cave house, there is a doorway which makes me think of that artist – what’s his name?

the most inviting doorway

Anyway, we were out of the house and ready to explore more of Santorini! We caught the 10:30am bus to Fira. We did lots of shopping in Fira, and even got lost a few times on the hilly side streets. But it wasn’t so bad because we came across a few good photo ops in these detours.

me in fira

mom and dad in fira

We ate lunch at Kipos Tavern. Mom got the grilled chicken special while Dad and I tried the chicken and pork gyros. It was my first gyro since landing in Greece!

my first gyro in greece!

We had to take a break a couple hours after lunch to rest our feet and get out of the sun. We went to a bar with a great view of the sea. We got soda water for 5 euros each! It was the cheapest thing on the menu. At least we had a nice view.

mom and dad in oia

We took the 4:15pm bus back to Oia, and it didn’t take long to fall asleep for a nice long nap at the cave house. We were pooped! I slept right through the sunset I was so pooped. It was quite hazy anyway, so the Santorini sunset wasn’t really visible (according to Mom and Dad). Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

So at 9pm I was wide awake and ready for a night walk. Dad and I took our cameras and captured Oia at night!

oia at night

oia at night

oia at night

more of oia at night

Good night from Santorini! And Happy Birthday, Eric!


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