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how do YOU feel about house parties?

During our sophisticated evening at Coco Noche, Leslie got a text message invite to a house party. My first thought was that I was too old or better yet, too cool, to go to a house party. But since I had already drank a couple glasses of wine by then, I didn’t listen to my reservations and just about an hour later we found ourselves at a house party. To my surprise, we had a pleasant time (with signature house party plastic blue cups in hand). I don’t know if Ed (next to Leslie in the pic below) felt the same way.  Perhaps he’s just upset that he spilled his drink down the middle of his sweater.


coco noche

wine makes me happy!cimg8829.JPG

Leslie and I tried Coco Noche in Manhattan Beach for the first time last night.  The mini-struggle to fit into our seats at the tiny corner table was soon forgotten once our wine and chocolate arrived. 
Even though the concept of eating chocolate with wine is far from new, it all felt like a brand new experience…perhaps it was because of the crazy wine tree or the weirdo chocolate flavors (like green tea and curry). 

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